AltradSkills delivers Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments that can be used to demonstrate a workers’ ability to operate equipment and/or undertake the responsibilities of their role.

Verification of CompetencyDurationCost
VOC – Blasting (1 day)1 day$850.00
VOC – Brush Hand1 day$800.00
VOC – Chartek Repair & Replace1 day$750.00
VOC – Combined - Cryo / Non-Cryo Insulation2 days$2,330.00
VOC – Cryogenic Insulation2 days$2,330.00
VOC – Non-Cryogenic Insulation (Thermal)1 day$1,800.00
VOC – EWP HRWL VeriSafe1 day$250.00
VOC – Forklift HRWL1 day$250.00
VOC – Mechanical / Pipe Fitter1 day$585.00
VOC – Overhead Crane1 day$350.00
VOC – Painting & Blasting (2 days)2 days$980.00
VOC – Painting (1 day)1 day$900.00
VOC – Rigging HRWL1 day$250.00
VOC – Scaffolding HRWL1 day$250.00
VOC – Scaffold Theory Only1 day$250.00
VOC – Sheet Metal Worker Class 12 days$2,027.00
VOC – Sheet Metal Worker Class 21 day$1,659.00

Note: The candidate will undertake a theory and practical assessment of allied skills and knowledge.