AltradSkills specialises in the delivery of nationally accredited qualifications, and customised training programs throughout Australia.

National Training - Skill SetsDurationCost
MSMSS00017 – Use High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment
(Skill Set)
2 days$850.00
MSMSS00021 – Operate a Hydro Excavation System (Skill Set)2 days$850.00
MSMSS00018 – Operate a High Pressure Water Jetting System (Skill Set)2 days$850.00
MSMSS00020 – Operate a Vacuum Loading System (Skill Set)2 days$850.00
PMASS00016 – Confined Space Work Team (Skill Set)2 days$850.00
PMASS00017 – Contractor Induction (Skill Set)2 days$850.00